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Yeah that's why we are posting about it. 90% of everyone in all the US allied countries or the western world whatever you want to call it are fucking stressed about half the US electorate treating their vote like it's a funny game show thing.

Working people voting for an authoritarian rich guy who is not smart and hoping he will help them is weird.

As for the rest of the world, one of the movies nominated for an Oscar this year is called '20 days in Mariupol', please watch it.
You live on an island surrounded by some of the roughest seas in the world. You live in a nuclear armed country with a nuclear submarine base near by. You are worried about a Russian land invasion? All I hear in here is how weak and incompetent the Russian military is but yet you seem worried they will be kicking your door down. You are worried about some old man with bad orange hair when there is another old man with his mind completely gone supposedly running things?